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Wouldn't it be nice to just have one job title?

     Are you acting as your company's CEO, accountant, sales rep, designer, writer, networker and marketing manager? That's a lot of shoes to fill. You don't have to do it all. I specialize in:


  • Copywriting and editing web sites, ads, catalog, direct mail,   corporate communications, magazine and more

  • Television script writing and production

  • Headline/subhead ...quick hits of content

  • Blogging and social media content creation/management

  • Magazine article and book ghostwriting

  • Naming conventions

  • Magazine editing and management

  • Marketing plan development ...and follow through

  • Brand management and expansion

  • Public Relations

  • ​Media point person

  • Event planning and assistance

  • ​Corporate and viral video creation and direction

  • ​Web site production

  • ​Event photography and headshots

  • Book publishing guidance

  • Manuscript editing

  • Interviews

  • Newsletter/email creation and tracking